Meet Jaran

Get to know Jaran, the timid and quiet Jack Russell from Season 3 of The Dog House Australia.

My name is Jaran...

I’ve been in the shelter for over 30 days I am a 5-year-9-month-old desexed male Jack Russell, mixed breed. My colour is tan / white.

Here's a bit of an insight into my background and personality:


Jaran originally surrendered to the AWL by his owners, because he was not good around other animals. He was adopted by a new family but returned again a few months later after his owners went back to work and couldn’t care for him.


  • Timid at first, needs an understanding owner who will go slow and help build his confidence
  • Quiet and keeps to himself
  • Can be uncomfortable around other animals


  • Highly food motivated – loves his doggy biscuits.
  • Being around his favourite people.
  • Doing his own thing


  • His name is Jaran
  • He’s just under 6 years old
  • He is a small Jack Russell Terrier mixed breed