Meet Gibbs

Get to know Gibbs, the social Kelpie from Season 2 of The Dog House Australia.

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Gibbs and I am a 1 year 10 month 2 week old male Kelpie mix Dingo. My Colour is tan.

Here's a bit of an insight into my background and personality:


Gibbs was transferred to the AWL from a regional facility in Dubbo that had reached capacity. He arrived with several other dogs. He walks well on leash and shows no signs of separation anxiety. Gibbs seems to get along well with other dogs and could be rehomed with a cat with a slow introduction.


  • Clever boy who already knows basic commands
  • Social butterfly – gets along with people, dogs and (some) cats.
  • Fun loving fellow


  • Obsessed with tennis balls
  • Food motivated
  • Loves the water


  • His name is Gibbs
  • He’s a Kelpie x Dingo
  • He’s just under 2 years old
  • He’s only been at the shelter for a few weeks.