Meet Frosty

Get to know Frosty, the fluffy and loveable Pomeranian from season one of The Dog House Australia.

Meet Frosty, he is an 11 year old, mixed-breed Pomeranian.

This is what Frosty's carers have to say about him:

Frosty is a sweet older gentleman who is looking for his new forever home. He is a sweet man who is looking for someone willing to do grooming with him and give him the best life possible. He is over 11 years old, so is no puppy, but we don’t think he realises his age. Puppy at heart they say.

Here is a little bit more about Frosty:


Frosty was surrendered by his owner, after they were no-longer able to care for him due to some medical issues. He has now recovered and can’t wait to find his forever home.


  • Frosty's a sweet older gentleman with a 1000w smile.
  • He's a small white fluffy cloud with feet.
  • He may be 11 years old, but still a puppy at heart.


  • Chilling out with his owners.
  • Running around and having a play.
  • Chin scratches.