Meet Coke

Get to know Coke, the calm and timid Kelpie x Cattle Dog from Season 3 of The Dog House Australia.

My name is Coke...

I’ve been in the shelter for over 40 days. I am a 12 year old, desexed male Kelpie x Cattle Dog mixed breed. My colour is black.

Here's a bit of an insight into my background and personality:


Coke came into AWL through the inspector and was given up by his owners with another dog due to living conditions. Coke has been quite depressed in the shelter, often crying in his kennel. He is very hesitant and uncomfortable around strangers.


  • Calm and placid nature.
  • Timid old soul.
  • Can bond well but takes his time with people.


  • Bonding one on one with a person.
  • Quiet time relaxing on the sofa/in his bed.
  • Short walks in nature.


  • His name is Coke
  • He’s 12 years old
  • He’s Kelpie, Cattle Dog, Mixed Breed.


  • Desexed and microchipped.
  • Vaccinated.
  • Had a lump removed.