Meet Cara

Get to know Cara, the friendly beagle from Season 2 of The Dog House Australia.

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Cara,

And I am a 3 year 6 month old female Beagle. My colour is tri colour.

Here's a bit of an insight into my background and personality:


Cara was surrendered to the AWL by her elderly owners, who felt they could no longer give her the care she needed. Her owners got her from a breeder when she was just a puppy. Her new family will need to continue behavioural training to manage walking on lead without pulling.


  • Energetic little lady
  • Friendly with everyone she meets
  • Typical beagle – scent driven and independent


  • Fooooood!!!
  • Eating!!
  • Snacks!!


  • Her name is Cara
  • She’s three and a half years old
  • She’s a Beagle mixed breed