Meet Brynn

Get to know Brynn, the smart but clumsy mixed-breed Catahoula from season one of The Dog House Australia.

Meet Brynn, she is a 3 month old mixed-breed Catahoula. Her colour is chocolate merle and white.

This is what Brynn's carers have to say about her:

Brynn is a very gentle and relaxed Catahoula cross. Her breed is not very well-known in Australia and is more popular in America. Catahoulas are very attentive to their humans and will want to watch over you and be involved in your life. Because she is still quite young, she's almost at the stage where she loves to play with toys. She is currently staying at the AWL with her sister Bristol.

Here's a little bit more about Brynn:


Brynn, along with her brothers and sisters, was transferred to AWL from a pound. Catahoula’s are a working dog breed, meant to make loyal companions and often grow up into dogs that like water.


  • She is a little nerd and loves to learn how to do things by watching her sister Bristol.
  • A typical puppy – a bit clumsy on her feet but she will grow into them.
  • Like her breed, she is a rare beauty.


  • Playtime with her sister Bristol.
  • Exploring the world.
  • Her people- she will be in love with her future family.