Meet Bristol

Get to know Bristol, the bubbly mixed-breed Catahoula from season one of The Dog House Australia.

Meet Bristol, she is a 3 month-old mixed-breed Catahoula. Her colour is blue merle and white.

This is what Bristol's carers have to say about her:

Bristol is a crazy puppy with a big personality. Her breed is known for being very attentive and friendly. She’s a Catahoula Mix with has two different coloured eyes which makes her extra special. She is currently staying at the AWL with her sister Brynn.

Here's a little bit more about Bristol:


Bristol, along with her brothers and sisters, was transferred to AWL from a pound. Catahoula's are a working dog breed that are known to make loyal companions.


  •  She is a crazy little lady with a big personality.
  • A typical puppy – a bit clumsy on her feet but she will grow into them.
  • She has a lovely bouncy nature.
  • Like her breed, she is a rare beauty.


  • Playtime with her sister Brynn.
  • Exploring the world.
  • Her future family- she will be in love with her future family.