Our Favourite Hysterical Moments From Season 2 Of The Cheap Seats (So Far!)

With the news being a constant waking nightmare, Mel and Tim are back with the stories that really matter.

An upcoming election, a climate crisis, Elon Musk… there’s a lot going on in the world but, thankfully, the team at The Cheap Seats have filtered through the week’s news for us and brought us all the highlights and headlines you need to see.

Settling in for their second season, Tim McDonald and Melanie Bracewell have scanned every minute of news each week, bringing only the best of the best, guaranteed to make you giggle.

From sneezing anchors to the consequences of bottomless brunch, here are some of our favourite moments from The Cheap Seats so far!

Tim’s Hungry Jacks zinger:

Mel’s taste of home:

And her unparalleled skill at translating:

Someone getting Tim’s name wrong AGAIN:

All the election coverage you’ll ever need:

This PSA to anybody reaching for another mimosa at brunch:

Tim’s detective work:

And this BBC anchor’s hilarious hay fever, which is nothing to sneeze at:

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