So Bold, So Beautiful: Top 10 B&B Moments Of 2016

The Bold and the Beautiful never fails to deliver modern day melodrama as fine as Forrester Creations couture. Dazzling us with tangled threads of deceit, convoluted love triangles, and face-slaps that left even our heads spinning, 2016 was an eventful year. Let’s take a look at some of the best and boldest moments.

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Number Ten: SHOCKED, Literally

When an altercation between cousins Steffy and Ivy Forrester (the latter played by Aussie actress, Ashleigh Brewer) ended in electrocution, paramedics replaced the chauffeurs and limousines these characters usually get around in. Steffy claimed that Ivy “tripped” onto the electrical panels, and while Liam might have believed her, did the fans?

The Bold and the Beautiful, 2016, channel ten

Nine: Surrogate City

Nicole agreed to be Maya and Rick’s surrogate, but when her partner Zende disapproved, her scheming sister Sasha, with her eye on Zende, saw an opportunity. In the end, we weren’t just delivered a new baby, we were delivered a new love triangle. Also, it was revealed that Maya used to be a man. 

Eight: Baby Mama Dramas

The pregnancy problems continued when Sasha, in a bid to keep Zende for herself, faked one. But eventually, the truth was revealed, and Zende returned to Nicole’s arms.

The Bold and the Beautiful, 2016, Channel Ten

Seven: Pigeon Pairs

Of course, Maya and Rick wanted two babies, didn’t they? And Nicole agreed to surrogate for them again, sending Zende flying off to Hawaii in a huff with none other than, you guessed it, Sasha. Nicole raced to Hawaii to tell Zende she’d changed her mind, but she was too late. And the scene she walked in on will remain burned into her retinas forever.

The Bold and the Beautiful, 2016, Channel Ten

Six: Brooke and Bill, #infinity

With scandalous romps in a secret office bedroom, Brooke and Bill were playing a dangerous game trying to keep their relationship a secret from Brooke’s sister Katie, who is Bill’s wife or ex-wife, or re-kindled ex-wife. Almost the entire cast has walked in on them. Eventually it all came out, it always does.

The Bold and the Beautiful, 2016, channel ten

Five: Love Knew No Bounds… Or Boundaries

Following a fight with Ridge, Caroline drank herself right into her stepson’s bed and fell pregnant. After she and Ridge made up, they decided to keep the baby’s paternal origins secret, and raise the kid as their own. Luckily, the doctor who knew about Ridge’s vasectomy was hit by a bus.

The Bold and the Beautiful, 2016, channel ten

Four: Bold Got Biblical

Call her crazy, or mother of the year, because kidnapping an amnesia-afflicted Liam, holding him hostage in a cabin, and telling him they’re Adam and Eve, shows that Quinn is willing to go above and beyond so her son Wyatt can have more time with Steffy.

The Bold and the Beautiful, 2016, Channel Ten

Three: Cliffhanger of the year

After Deacon threatened to expose her hostage situation, Quinn cooked up a plan to kill him. When push came to shove, it was literal, and right over a cliff.

The Bold and the Beautiful, 2016, Channel Ten

Two: Slap Opera

Later, in a first for the doe-eyed psychopath, romance flourished between Quinn and silver-fox, Eric, without coercion or kidnapping. But as always, drama is of the essence, and when Steffy found out that her grandfather was Quinn’s latest victim, she delivered a slap to Quinn’s face that was truly operatic.

The Bold and the Beautiful, 2016, channel ten

One: “Reunited and it feels so good”

Our modern day Romeo and Juliet, but with twice the family drama, had a heartbreaking year. From torturous love triangles to crippling amnesia, every force imaginable kept Liam and Steffy apart. But fans finally rejoiced as Steffy left Wyatt forever and reunited with Liam, expressing their undying love in the soapiest way possible: over red wine and the Hawaiian sunset.

What’s in store for Forrester Creations next? Will Brooke and Ridge re-marry? Will Steffy and Liam last the summer? Will Quinn murder Eric and take over the company? We look forward to another year of the dramatic on The Bold and The Beautiful.