Yoplait Forme Forget Fat Not Enjoyment

With no fat* and less than 1% added sugar, Yoplait formé is a smart choice when it comes to selecting a nutritious yogurt.

The difficult part is deciding which flavour to try!

Whether you prefer fresh and fruity flavours, or something that tastes a bit naughtier, you can be assured that Yoplait formé has a wide range of flavours that are high on taste and full of dairy goodness.

Flavours such as Strawberry, Mango or Vanilla are perfect with breakfast, or as a mid-morning snack. Tempting options like Classic Cheesecake or Sticky Date Pudding on the other hand are great choices for a guilt-free treat in the evening.

Regardless of which flavour you try, there’s no compromise on taste, variety or nutrition, as each delicious 175g serving of Yoplait formé yogurt contains fewer than 75 calories!

Yoplait formé is rich in calcium, has 3 active cultures to help keep you healthy on the inside, contains no artificial colours or flavours and is gluten free.

Accredited Practicing Dietitian Kate Di Prima says, “Yoplait formé is a great snack at anytime of day as it is no fat*, has even less calories than you think, and has the goodness of protein and calcium."

• A 175g serve of Yoplait formé has similar calories to an apple.
• A 175g serve of Yoplait formé has similar calories to 3 small squares of plain milk chocolate#.

Editor’s Notes:
• Substantiation for no fat* claim must be included
o *Contains less than 0.15% fat.
• Yoplait formé yogurt can be found in major supermarkets and independent retailers throughout Australia.
• Pack sizes and $RRP information
o 2x175g twin pack $2.89 RRP
o 6x175g multi pack $5.99 RRP
o 1kg value pack $5.29 RRP

# based on calorie content for an average apple (155g) of 84 calories, and the calorie content for plain milk chocolate (15g) of 81 calories (average). Source: NUTTAB 2006, Nutrient Data for Australian Foods, Food Standards Australia New Zealand; English R & Lewis J (1991) Food for Health, National Food Authority

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