Yoghurt Low GI for Sustained Energy

Tired of snacking on foods that don’t satisfy your hunger or provide you with lasting energy? Low GI products like yoghurt can help to redress the balance...

Sustaining your energy levels without constantly refuelling isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds. Many people falter by succumbing to the sugar hit of a sweet snack between meals, but if you’re serious about your wellbeing, there’s a way to give your body essential nutrients and lasting energy without tipping you off your weight management plan: a low GI (Glycemic Index) diet. 

Glycemic Index is the measure of how carbohydrate foods affect blood glucose (sugar) levels. High GI foods are rapidly digested and absorbed, causing a quick increase in your blood sugar levels, followed by a quick decrease, which can have numerous adverse effects. Not only can the quick ‘dip’ leave you feeling fatigued and hungry again, but the initial glucose ‘spike’ can also cause the release of higher levels of insulin, a hormone which leads to storage of excess glucose in the body, some of which may be stored as fat. Not what you’re after if you’re looking to manage your weight. 

High GI foods are ranked at 70 or over, while low GI foods, including most dairy products, rank at 55 or less. Yoplait Formé has a low GI. The carbohydrates found in low GI foods like milk and yoghurt are broken down slowly during digestion, releasing glucose gradually into the blood. The positive effects of consuming low GI foods can include:

Increased satiety
Satiety is the feeling of fullness after eating, and because low GI products like milk are broken down slowly you may be left feeling fuller for longer, and therefore help prevent unnecessary snacking between meals.

Sustained performance during exercise
When you want to provide your body with the fuel to perform, the gradual release of glucose from low GI foods can be a great choice to ensure you have sustained energy.

So whether you’re seeking the best foods to aid performance, targeting weight management, or are simply conscious about setting up a long-term healthy lifestyle, try including low GI products like yoghurt into your diet. Your body will thank you for it.