What are Meal Replacements

‘Meal replacements’ are used on reduced-calorie diets to kick-start your weight change or help break unhelpful habits that lead to weight gain.

Each ‘meal replacement’ – be it a shake, soup or bar – is specially formulated to be low in calories and rich in nutrients and vitamins so you feel satisfied and get the nutritional balance you need. 

The Biggest Loser Club meal replacements are: 

• High in protein – to help maintain muscle mass and keep your metabolism revving.

• Made from low GI ingredients – our Shakes and Soups can help you feel fuller for longer.

• Calorie controlled – to help you achieve the ‘negative energy balance’ required for weight management.

• Delicious and easy – you just add water to our Shakes and Soups so they’re delicious and easy to prepare.

The Biggest Loser Club Meal Replacement range includes a variety of products (such as shakes, soups, bars and snack bars) in a choice of delicious flavours.

When it comes to losing weight, The Biggest Loser Program is easy – simply start by replacing two meals a day (e.g. breakfast and lunch) with a Biggest Loser Shake, Soup or Meal Replacement Bar. You can then enjoy healthy, satisfying snacks between meals and a delicious, tasty dinner.

Once you feel more in control of your weight and eating habits, you can gradually cut back to one Shake, Soup or Meal Replacement Bar a day.

When you’re happy with your weight and shift into ‘maintenance’ mode, you can use meal replacements as required; for example, to get back on track if your weight has started to rebound, to give you time to get organised if your eating habits have slipped, or when you’re pressed for time.