Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Whey Whey

It’s not just Taylor Swift shaking it off – protein is essential for exercise and the most convenient way to get your hit is with protein packed shakes and snacks.

It doesn’t matter your shape or size - when you exercise you’re tearing and breaking muscle fibres, which your body needs to work hard to repair. All this recovery work requires energy, so protein provides immediate fuel for your body post workout to get the job done. Without sufficient protein in your diet your body will start breaking down muscle mass to do the work.

Protein not only helps repair internal and external damage, it supports the immune system and contributes to an overall feeling of wellbeing. Since it isn’t always easy or convenient to consume protein in the traditional way on the run or after the gym, protein packed snacks and shakes offer a super easy way to keep on top of your nutritional requirements.

If you’re afraid of people stopping you in the street and asking ‘do you even lift?’ whilst gulping your protein shakes, we’ve got your back. How does a range of protein packed mousses, cookies, bars, brownies and balls sound? The latest addition to our snack range is the Paradise Protein Bar – a dreamy combination of coconut, peanuts, honey and chocolate #Drool. If you’re chasing a cool creamy protein hit then Whey Whip is where it is at, delivering protein in the form of delicious ice cream, in flavours like Peanut Butter Choc Crunch, Burnt Caramel and Mint Choc Chip - Mmmm… check them out here.

Provided by Youfoodz.