The Biggest Loser 2014 to reach new heights

The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia dares to change the shape of an entire town

The next series of one of Australia’s most-loved television shows has been announced.

The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia is due to hit TV screens in 2014 and will be unlike any series ever seen before.

In the past, we’ve seen Michelle, Shannan and Commando join forces to help singles, couples and families lose weight. Now, they will take on the remarkable task of saving an entire town.

Ararat in western Victoria is one of Australia’s most overweight towns, with 68% of the adult population being overweight or obese. The trainers will take 14 local champions and the rest of the town on a journey to weight loss, health and fitness.

It’s never been done on this scale before, anywhere. But that’s the mission of The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia. 

Watch a sneak peek here.