Testimonial: Lexie

Dearest Youfoodz,

It's my pleasure to review your company, as I'm a hard-core fan of everything you guys are about.

Firstly, I have no idea how you could possibly improve a company that is already so fantastic. Your food is amazing. Better than anything I could ever make, and unbelievably - it's healthy. I feel so great on my Youfoodz meals, and it really takes the pressure off trying to cook healthy food all the time.

Secondly, your service is amazing. You're so prompt about delivery, and everything arrives so well packaged and put together. Around Valentine’s Day you really outdid yourselves with the rose, card and heart shaped brownie!! I was so thankful and it shows how much thought and effort you guys make to keep your customers happy.

Thirdly, you really take care of your customers. I feel like you always just throw in an extra free meal, or have new and different plans/food coming out all the time, and I just want to say it's not overlooked. It's thoroughly appreciated and reminds me of why I love your brand so much.

Fourthly, as a terrible eater (either too little or too much), it keeps me on track with my health and fitness goals without having to spend $$$ on healthy products I don't know how to cook, and that taste bland and horrible.

Fifthly - just thanks for existing. You're so affordable, and as a University student - not having to survive off 2 minute noodles and baked beans are great.


Provided by Youfoodz.