TBL Families 2015 Winner Announced

After a tense final weigh-in, TBL Families 2015 crowned its champion: Daniel Jofre, who lost a whopping 51.6 kilograms to take the title

The 24-year-old youngest Jofre brother will take home the grand prize of $100 000, after narrowly beating brother Pablo in the final minutes of the Grand Finale.

Determined and competitive, the three Jofre brothers Pablo, Tony and Daniel were also the final three in the finale. Tony lost 32.85 per cent of his body weight, Pablo an impressive 34.57 per cent, but Daniel eclipsed his elders with an incredible 39.09 per cent loss of his original body weight.

A gracious winner, Daniel said: “I am extremely proud of being crowned The Biggest Loser for 2015. I am equally proud of my family and the fact that we were able to start and finish this incredible journey together as a family.”

“We are incredibly excited about the endless opportunities that lay ahead of us. As a family we are so grateful for all the knowledge we have gained and cannot wait to share this with others.”

The win reflects Daniel’s consistent performance throughout the season. He was The Biggest Loser of the week for a total of six times. After one bad week midway through the competition, he recovered in style and powered his way through to the finals.

Trainer Michelle Bridges said of the Jofres' incredible success: “It was our dream. We said it right from the start. And we did it!”

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