New Year, New Rad You


I know it seems like a good idea to set 452 resolutions that require you to become a completely new person in the space of 365 days, but what if you just improved things you were already doing... Here are some hot tips from the Youfoodz fam;

- Floss everyday instead of every couple of days - keep your floss with your toothbrush as a handy reminder.

- Instead of planning to do the washing on a Sunday, you actually followed through (that white t-shirt would actually be clean the next time you want to wear it!).

- Drink your 2L of water a day – Swap out your glass for a 2L water bottle so you can keep track of how much water you have left to drink.

- Stay motivated to exercise by teaming up with a friend who is also keen to get fit and healthy.

- Stop stressing about what you will buy or make for lunch and dinner and set up the rollover feature on the Youfoodz website and you’ll never miss order cut off again #organised

We hope we have made your resolutions a little less daunting and a little more doable! Let us know what your 2017 resolutions are in the comments below.

Provided by Youfoodz.