Livin' the YF Life - Emma Carlton

We spoke to one of our fantastic Youfoodz customers Emma Carlton about her amazing transformation while livin' the YF life! 

For the past few years I’d been gaining weight, gradually becoming bigger and bigger. Last April I stepped on the scales and was horrified to see I'd reached 153kg. It was the biggest I'd ever been and I was really worried about my health and my future. Even though I knew the "right" things to eat, I always gave in to take away as well as chocolate, lollies and chips. Knowing I had so much weight to lose made me feel hopeless, I'd gotten so big I started hiding away and not really participating in life. Food was where I thought I found happiness.

After visiting my doctor and speaking with a dietitian I knew I had to make big changes in my life. Eating too often and oversized portions were my main problems, so the thought of portion controlled, pre-prepared meals was really appealing to me. I tried other brands and never really liked them, I'd usually bring them to work with the intention of eating them and would decide I hated the taste later finding my self in the nearest drive through.

I saw an advertisement for Youfoodz and decided to try them. The meals were so delicious and fresh and the variety was great! So I started having them for lunch and dinner and started a fairly basic exercise routine of walking my dog, doing yoga and going to the gym a couple of times a week. Within the first couple of months I had lost 20kg and felt amazing. Knowing how much I'd already achieved I felt really motivated to keep going. With the help of Youfoodz I’ve now lost 60kg and my whole life has taken a turn for the better.

I don't feel self conscious being in public, I say yes to more social invitations and I have my first ever boyfriend! I just feel a lot happier and confident and it's the best feeling.

Being overweight can be really isolating and it's very daunting knowing you have to lose a lot of weight. But you just need to make a decision to start and be really committed to it reminding yourself every day why you started and why this is so important to you.

Youfoodz has been a massive part of my transformation and I recommend them to everyone. I still haven't reached my goal but I know I'll get there with the delicious and nutritionally balanced Youfoodz meals.

- Emma Carlton

Provided by Youfoodz.