How to Be More Active Every Day

Some small ideas to make your day to day life more active!

Walking is one of the best ways to boost your step count.

A 30 minute brisk walk is likely to clock up around 3750 steps. Other ways to increase your activity level include: 

  • Always take the stairs – you can even climb up and down them during a 10 minute workout. 

  • Parking at the back of the parking lot instead of looking for a spot near the door. 

  • Walking short distances e.g. to the newsagent or post office. 

  • Pacing while talking on the phone. 

  • Walking up and down the hallway during commercial breaks. 

  • Putting the washing basket five paces away from the clothesline and walking back and forth to hang each item. 

  • Using the bathroom on a different floor and taking the stairs to get there. 

  • Setting a weekly goal to increase your activity by 1000 steps a day until you reach 10,000-12,500 (or more!) steps a day.