How Does Ararat Plan to Stay Fit

You've followed Ararat's incredible journey so far, and this is only the beginning. Here's how the town that pulled together to change plans to keep pushing to achieve its health goals after The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia

Ararat Rural City has done so much already to make improvements to their health and well-being as a result of The Biggest Loser coming to town. A Kitty Committee of seven people, including the top four contestants, was established to work out what to do with the $145,000 raised on the show. A bunch of initiatives are now being developed by the Committee to ensure Ararat stays fit going forward. The emphasis is on FREE activities available to everyone. They include:

- Installing solar lighting and water fountains on walking tracks around town.

- TBL Contestants taking on town mentoring roles, incentivising individuals to lose weight over a set time frame, with prizes at the end for the most improved.

- Grants to community groups to run free programs promoting healthy eating and physical activity.

- Applying for matching funds, primarily from the State and Federal government to keep the Kitty going for as long as possible.

the biggest loser challenge australia ararat

It’s not just the Kitty Committee driving the evolution of Ararat from one of our fattest towns to one of our fittest towns. The Ararat Rural City Council has swung in behind with a support program that includes:

- Continuing with the Pebble program, open to residents who want to try it out.

- A network of interconnected walking paths, including one around the lake with an outdoor exercise station.

- The launch of Ararat Active City Strategy, designed to bring more visitors to the town.

The first big event planned is the Ararat Boot Camp, being held on the weekend of June 6-8. Why not head along? It’ll be a great chance to rub shoulders with some of your favourite contestants from the show (the top 4 are confirmed) as well as working out with our very own Shannan Ponton. All this for just $80! For more info, follow this link.

From all of us here at Network Ten, congratulations Ararat Rural City. May your journey to health and fitness continue, as you show the rest of Australia how it’s done.