Craig Crowned The Biggest Loser 2014

Craig Crowned The Biggest Loser 2014

Following a hard-fought battle between Ararat’s top four, Craig has taken this year’s Biggest Loser title, dropping almost half his starting weight.

The heaviest of this year’s male contestants, beginning the competition at 183.4 kilograms, Craig let nothing stand in his way as he shed a startling 79.8 kilograms to claim victory. The 34-year-old recorded a final weight of 103.6 kilograms, making his total weight-loss percentage 43.51%.

“It’s a very surreal feeling,” Craig said of his win. “When I first auditioned for The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia I didn’t think about making the Finale. I just knew I had one chance to make the most of this opportunity and win or lose I was going to give 100% to be able to hold my head high and have no regrets. Winning is an amazing reward for the hard work I have put in and I have also proved my doubters wrong.”

The Commando, his coach, is full of pride at the Champion’s commitment, which never wavered. “He was the very definition of hard work and from the moment he entered The Biggest Loser house, he gave it his all. I constantly encouraged him to strive for more and dig deeper to be the best possible version of himself – and he delivered.”

Craig takes home $75,000 for his win, and reflecting on what’s been a remarkable season, has learnt that truly anything is possible. “The Biggest Loser has taught me that if you want something badly enough and are willing to put in the work, push through the pain and get your priorities right, dreams really can become reality.”