Come on Australia

Embark on your own health and fitness journey like Ararat

Embark on your own health and fitness journey like Ararat

Ararat’s amazing results

As a result of their The Biggest Loser journey, Ararat have:
• Lost a collective weight of 39,550kg (the target was 26,000kg)
• Walked 235 million steps – that’s the equivalent of walking about the world 4 times!
• Reduced their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 70%
• Reduced their blood pressure by 12%
• Reduced their stroke risk by half
• Saved the town an estimated $2 million in healthcare costs
• Gained 6 years of healthy life per person 

They achieved all this in just 11 weeks – that’s what an entire lifestyle shift can achieve! Trainer Shannan Ponton said: “Turning Ararat’s health and lifestyle around is one of my proudest moments since coming to The Biggest Loser. I know the success we’ve had in Ararat will last for generations.” Dr Norman Swan told the locals: “Through your own hard work, you’ve completely changed the future of your town. What we want to do is challenge Australia to match Ararat!” So do you want to embark on a journey towards complete health and fitness too?

12 ways to get you started

1. Get Active
Slip physical activity into your everyday life such walking the dog or cycling to work. Also look for new forms of exercise that look like fun – dance classes, martial arts or surfing classes!
2. Stay Hydrated
Water aids concentration, digestion and helps the condition of your skin – not bad for a free beverage. 
3. Love Breakfast
It really is the most important meal of the day – a healthy brekky gets your metabolism straight to work, gives you energy and helps keep snacking at bay.
4. Take Time
Set aside more time for yourself to relax - chilled activities that feed the mind (like reading or meditation) are the best. 
5. Swap Bad for Good
Try substituting a few small things in your diet: swap milk chocolate for dark or coffee for green tea. Small steps are good!
6. Take a Hike
Instead of catching up with friends over coffee or wine, take a stroll – the best talking comes while walking.
7. Sleep Perfect Sleep
You’ll be lacking in energy if you burn the candle at both ends. Make a conscious decision to head to bed an hour early!
8. Cook at Home
It’s much easier to control your portions if you are the one making your meals.
9. Set Goals
Exercise is more fun if you have something to channel your energies toward. Get a team together for a fun run for the ultimate goal!
10. Two and Five
Aim for two serves of fruit and five serves of veggies a day – it’s never been easier to fill your body with the good stuff.
11. Ban the Booze
It’s easy to give in to a beer after a hard day at work, but aim to have at least two alcohol free days a week!
12. Don’t Smoke
We all know that smoking causes cancer, heart disease and more. But it also hinders your ability to be active.