Cold Pressed Juice = Fun Pressed Juice

What even is it?

If you’re anything like me, you looked at your juice bottle this morning and thought, “hey this cold pressed juice brand is popping up all over the place”. Well I hate to be that self-righteous guy that knows things, but it isn’t a brand, it’s a method.  

Yep, you heard me correctly, juice is apparently not always just juice.

Regular, run of the mill juices are made using centrifugal machines which separate the juice from the pulp of fruit and vegetables using large metal blades.

Enter the new (decades old but only recently popular, thanks Gwyneth) cold pressed juices, a whole new kettle of fish fruits and vegetables.

Cold pressed juices are made using a hydraulic press that squeezes the juice from the fruit or vegetable. Once this process is completed the juice is bottled and put in a chamber full of water, that applies pressure equal to five times what would be experienced at the deepest part of the ocean. This inactivates pathogens, in turn eliminating any chance of the juice becoming oxidised (we didn’t understand a lot of that either but hey, JUICE!).

The juice retains the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals using this process, not to mention cold pressing results in a refined raw juice rather than the centrifugal produced products which are quite often chunky or frothy. That’s a win for not finding chunks of spinach in your morning liquid fix. 

And the best news of all is that Youfoodz stock three rad cold pressed juice flavours for you, Always Greener, Ginger Spice and introducing the new Summer Glow! Always Greener is here to give you that boost of greenies that you missed at dinner time, Ginger Spice will boost that immunity right up to 100 and our NEW Summer Glow is the perfect tasty hydrator.

We all know that colourful food is the healthiest (big win for lovers of fairy floss) and these juices are bloody bright, so they must be bloody good for you!!!

So order your cold pressed juices today and join the cold pressed cult movement!!!

Provided by Youfoodz.