Blog 6

What a week for Big Kev, as he faced his biggest challenge yet: popping the all-important question...

Hi guys,

I had a good week on the scales this week, well, better than last week’s little snafoo. Everything is looking good, I’m back on track and moving in the right direction.

So I’ve heard a lot about Rodger, and all good. He’s a top bloke and I was pleased to meet him for the first time; it’s just a bummer because he’s gone home now. As for Caitlin, I wonder if the cheesy brew came back into the house with her! I doubt it because she seems switched on and ready to win.

So I thought being in The Biggest Loser was a scary thing the first time around, but this took the cake… figuratively. I was about to ask the most important question in my life, and that was will Julie be my wife… Ha, a little rhyme for you! But I was stressing so much that before walking out on the catwalk I was outside practicing getting down on one knee, ‘cause falling over at that point would not have been good. Not only that, what if she says no? I’d be destroyed. However, she knows how much I love her, so much so I left her a second time to come and change our lives in the Biggest Loser House, so I’ve got a good feeling.

SHE SAID YES! BOOOO YEAHHH!! I’m so happy right now! Ha, sorry about that…

She said yes; all the hard work I’ve been through, the pain, sweat and tears has been worth it - the love of my life said she will be mine, could not have been happier. I was sad to see her go home right after she said yes, but it just motivates me to keep going for a better life for both of us!

Now back to the game at hand, or should I say the 'awesome fours' game… the four ladies have made it pretty evident that there’s no stopping them; if anyone goes below the yellow line against one of them, it’s all over Red Rover. That just means one thing: WORK HARDER!!! This should be an interesting week now that this alliance has formed.

Until next week,