Blog 5

Big Kev talks weigh-in setbacks and putting past disappointments behind him

Hi all, 

This week's weigh-in results were not the best. For the first time in my weight loss journey I had put on weight, 600 Grams, but to me it felt like 100kg because I was so disappointed in the result. Instead of using it in a negative way, I used it to fuel the fire to come back swinging, never wanting to see a gain in this competition again.

Due to the result I was automatically up for elimination; I think they have a permanent seat reserved for me in this room now - I’ve been there a few times. I thought I was going home for sure, I wasn’t from Ararat and I was against one of their own, but to my surprise I was saved to live another day in the Biggest Loser house. I guess my only saving grace is that Cal had put more weight on then I did this week.

In the Biggest Loser house there is always a whirlwind of surprises and here comes one now, a chopper in the sky flying towards us… since it’s about that time in the season where we starting getting a little too comfortable, that can only mean one thing: the others are coming. I'd been thinking all season it's been a while since I've seen or heard from Michelle, and does she know how to make an entrance - in flies her new red team, ready to shake things up.

It was so early when we left the Biggest Loser house, this means a bit of a travel but oh how exciting it was when we arrived at the Police Tactical Ops assault course; I couldn’t wait to get started, only to have Hayley tell me I’ve been medically ruled out of today's challenge. I was so disappointed - today looked like it would have been a blast, like that bomb that went off in the first stages... Man that was loud! Being ruled out was a disappointment, however I needed to make sure my shoulder wasn’t affected. I didn’t want anything else to stop me in this competition, but it was still a downer.

Until next week,