Blog 4

Big Kev talks tough goodbyes, elimination strategy and scaling Pyramids of Fitness

Hi all

NOOoooo! One of my faves was sent home this week! I had a lot of time for Shannon and think that she is an awesome chick, so I was very sad to see her go home. However, I respect the fact that family comes first and she needed to be by her daughter’s side and I wish them both good health! Keep up the good work Shannon.

At weigh in, for the first time EVER, the Black Team fell under the yellow line. I was very surprised at who walked into the elimination room. For the first time, I was on that side of the table which felt WEIRD. Eliminating Toni would have put a spanner in the works for Kerry, but Caitlin is a huge threat. If she’s losing good numbers while eating her cheesy Vegemite mugs, imagine what she could do when she gets her nutrition right!

Later, Shannan and Commando decided to put a little fitness test together for us... ha, LITTLE?? It was the Pyramid of Fitness! I was stoked with my performance until the step - it was half a meter from the ground. But, as with everything that I’ve proven to myself over the last year, I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I re-focused and just went for it – and got to 50 steps! I was eliminated but I still won by overcoming an obstacle that I thought was going to stop me.

There was another first for me this week, competing in a TBL triathlon! I was so sore from the pyramid and ended up eliminated, but Katrina went on to win and got the Golden immunity bracelet. Who knows what will happen now!

Until next week,