Blog 3

Cheesy stacks, real-life superheroes - Kevin's got it all covered!

Hi all

Caitlin took a bit of a tongue lashing this week from the trainers about her nutrition… specifically, melted cheese in a coffee mug with vegemite!!! Well if anyone knows what it’s like getting in trouble for not sticking to the nutrition plan, it would probably be me. But Commando set things right with her by sitting down and going through the dos and don’ts of his nutrition plan. I don’t think the cheesy brew made the cut.

But away with the negatives and back with a HUGE positive with personality, spirit and overall heart, this week we got an amazing opportunity to meet one of my now-heroes, Paul De Gelder. To be honest, I was feeling a little sick before training and was thinking of trying to pull out of the session, but after listening to Paul and his inspiration… Nope, that was off the cards!!! Paul was so inspirational and the session was great.

I think the pressure of the BL house got to Nat a bit this week – there was a blow up between her and Shannan this week at the Golden Door and she was later sent home. Hopefully she can get herself back into it when she returns home.

Yet another week in the BL house with twists and turn, you’d think I would be getting used to this by now… But NO!

Until next time,

Big Kev