Blog 2

Kevin talks bravery, bonding and bloody noses in this week's blog

Hi all

Who was ready for the bombshell drop of Caitlin sending the beloved Black Team member Cal over to the Blue Team!? The Blues, especially me, were gobsmacked and not expecting that at all. The first training session with Cal was interesting – we all know he’s a bit of a pot stirrer and he’d been talking a big game until walking into Shannan’s gym, who made his presence felt big time. Cal and Shannan went one-on-one and the session ended with a bloody nose.

For the first time in The Biggest Loser history there was a bidding war, instead of a war on the scales. The gifts were pretty awesome I must say, from socks to $3000 to a visit from home, which in this place is invaluable. All the contestants banded together and gave all the remaining chips to Katrina so she could win the prize, who admitted to finding the red chip, which was ironic.

Now to Katrina and OH MY GOODNESS, that lady is awesome, breaking a The Biggest Loser record with Sharon in the Stacks On Challenge – over 120kg on her shoulders brought the Blue Team a well-earned victory. The reward was huge as we received letters from home; we sat in the lounge and realised the reason we were in The Biggest Loser house was not only for us, but for our loved ones.

Yet another week in the BL house of twists and turns; this season is turning out to be very exciting, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the coming weeks!

Until next time...

Big Kev