Blog 1

Big Kev is back with his tell-all column!

I’M BACK!!! That’s right, the trainers loved me so much they wanted me back – ha! But seriously, it’s great to be back in The Biggest Loser house. So many memories of how this place helped me start changing my life for the better; it’s good to be here with another bunch of people looking to make the same changes that I started last season. 

So not to be slowed by my successful weight loss so far, I was back in the house and into training hard and fast. I like the concept of this season and want to help out the town of Ararat as much as I can by losing as much weight and raising cash.

I couldn’t believe that in the first week I found myself in the back of an ambulance going to the hospital! During the treadmill challenge, I felt dizzy and my heart rate was all over the place. But don’t stress, I’m fine and the outcome is actually really good news – I’ve been able to reverse many years of damage to my body in such a short time that the medication I was taking for blood pressure was effecting me in a way that means... drum roll please... I don’t need to take it any longer. ALL GOOD NOW!

Earlier in the week, a bombshell was dropped when Cam received some bad news and was not able to continue competing in the competition due to health reasons. Everyone’s hearts went out to him and it was sad to see him leave. Now, I find myself up against my training buddy Mary in elimination - who knows what the future holds for us both?

Until next week (I hope),

Big Kev