Better Living Through Dairy

Yoplait Formé is a great choice for people who want to live a good lifestyle and keep in shape by making small yet smart, sustainable changes to their diet.

Made with milk, Yoplait Formé contains the goodness of dairy protein, is rich in calcium, low GI (glycemic index) and with less than 0.15g fat per 100g, Yoplait Formé helps dispel the myth that all dairy products are high in fat. 

With many people clinging to the belief that all dairy produce is fattening, they deliberately limit their intake, missing out on valuable nutrients and unnecessarily limiting their food options. Containing less than 0.15% fat, Yoplait Formé removes any doubt from the equation without sacrificing the taste, or goodness of dairy.

When it comes to the nutritious properties of dairy, most of us know that calcium’s a biggie. From an early age we’re taught its importance for strong bones, and as you get older it’s just as essential that your bones are kept strong with an adequate calcium intake. A 175g tub of Yoplait Formé contains 315mg of calcium, that’s 39% of the recommended daily dietary intake for adults.

There is research suggesting the inclusion of dairy foods in an energy-balanced diet can help you manage your weight. In fact, some evidence even suggests dairy foods may have a beneficial effect for weight management. It is thought this may be a result of the role that dairy and/or calcium play in fat metabolism, fat excretion and satiety*. So including three serves of dairy a day can not only help to provide key nutrients, but can also support your weight management goals!

Yoplait Formé also has the goodness of protein, an essential nutrient for muscle growth. That same delicious 175g tub provides at least 6.5g protein, that’s 13% of your daily needs - making it a great choice for active lifestyles.

Of course an active lifestyle requires sufficient fuel, and when it comes to sustained energy, Yoplait Formé packs a punch. With its Low GI (Glycemic Index), the carbohydrates in Yoplait Formé are broken down slowly in the body, allowing sustained energy throughout the day. Low GI products can help you to feel fuller for longer, so you may be less likely to reach for unnecessary snacks. Yoplait Formé also has less than 1% added sugar, so the majority of the carbohydrates are from milk and fruit.

So rather than deny yourself great tasting dairy, stop and think about exactly what you’re denying your body.

* References available upon request. To find out more, call our Consumer Enquiry Centre on 1800 677 852