Best Apps for a Fitter You

Best Apps for a Fitter You

Smart phones are indeed so smart they can take much of the thinking out of exercise and nutrition. Here are some of the best apps around but be warned; while they do simplify things, they won’t actually do the hard yards for you.

FitSync (iPhone/Andoid) 
Furnished with a compressive library of exercises and workouts to choose from, as well as the ability to create your own, it’s no wonder FitSync is so highly regarded. When you’re not active getting active, the app’s seamless online integration gives you unlimited storage on your FitSync account, meaning all your precious stats are compiled to analyse till your heart’s content. 

RunKeeper (iPhone/Android) 
Using GPS technology, RunKeeper allows you to track your movements, route, pace and, of course, how many calories you cancelled out doing it all. Simply sync your data to RunKeeper’s website and you can maintain an exhaustive history of your sweaty exploits and even share them on Facebook and Twitter. 

Pedometer (iPhone/Android) 
A simple app that does exactly what its name promises, Pedometer tracks your steps, distance and calories burnt. With a built-in stopwatch to time your workouts, music playback support and customisable position settings to ensure your movements are counted wherever you choose to position your device, there’s plenty to keep people of all fitness levels happy. 

Pocket Yoga (iPhone/Android) 
Yoga enthusiasts seeking a portable instructor will find the rave review-winning Pocket Yoga their indispensible guru. Users can pour over the extensive list of different yoga positions, complete with illustrations and a handy reference guide to their benefits, or use the app as their personal yoga trainer, with varying length and difficulty sessions to suit every skill level. 

MyFitnessPal (iPhone/Android) 
A simple to use app with a massive database – is over 1.1 million foods enough for you? – MyFitnessPal is an invaluable calorie counter and diet tracker that helps you find the right track and stick to it. Add your own foods, compile and save your favourite meals and if you’re in the supermarket and curious about the calorie count of a certain item, simply use the bar code scanner for instant enlightenment. 

Swap It (iPhone) 
Part of the government’s Swap It, Don't Stop It campaign to encourage Australians to take simple steps towards a healthy lifestyle, the free Swap It app allows you to choose from a number of food and physical activity switches and helps you stick to them. Plan activities, set reminders, make shopping lists and discover healthier ingredients – you’ll be developing better habits in no time. 

CardioTrainer (Android) 
Don’t let its simplicity of use fool you; CardioTrainer is a powerhouse of customisable features, all designed to help you get the best from your fitness routine. Suitable to use for a variety of activities – walking, running, biking, skiing – to name a few – the app features GPS tracking, a pedometer, calorie counter and playlist integration, so you can give your limbs some extra beat-heavy motivation