10 reasons to get on your bike

All the family should be regularly riding their bicycles as part of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s why…

1. It’s good for you Bike riding is a great way for fitness fanatics to mix up their exercise, for non-active people to get into shape and for older people to maintain fitness. Alexandra Bright from Cycling Australia adds: “It can be done at low intensity and is non-weight bearing, perfect for people with low fitness levels, carrying a little extra weight or who have sore or achy joints.”

2. It makes life simple Forget sitting in traffic and relying on public transport timetables! Alexandra says: “All you need is a well-maintained bicycle, an Australian Standard helmet, suitable clothing and either a quiet, safe road (for road cycling) or an off road route (such as a shared pathway or mountain bike route).” Now you can go where and when you want!

3. It’s great for socialising Alexandra reminds: “You can cycle by yourself, with a friend, in a small group or your significant other and chat at the same time, making it a great outdoor outing in the fresh air.” It will be easier to stay committed if you have a biking buddy to help motivate you!

4. It’s fun for the whole family Riding with the kids not only helps keep everyone healthy, but is a great way to spend quality time together! “Make cycling part of your family routine,” hints Alexandra. “Take a ride to your local park for a picnic, to your local cafe or to visit other family and friends.”

5. It connects you to a community You should be able to find cycling maps and routes in your area at the nearest bike shop or on your local Council website. Alexandra says: “Councils are putting money into building safe and user-friendly cycling infrastructure to make it a safer activity more than ever before.” So get out and explore your local neighbourhood!

6. It can save you cash If you commute to work by bike, you could save money on fuel, parking or public transport costs, not to mention that you get your day’s exercise done and dusted on the way to work.

7. It can boost your bod Regular riding enhances overall cardiovascular fitness and strengthens the muscles in your legs, hips and bottom. “It also works your arms, core and back muscles, particularly if you cycle up and down a few hills in your ride,” adds Alexandra.

8. It helps you chill out Time on the bike means time away from your busy life to clear your head. Alexandra reveals: “Cycling develops a strong mind; whether it is by riding a large hill, pushing yourself to ride further each time or by exploring new territory. This mental toughness will transfer from the bike into your life, helping you manage any stressful situation!”

9. You can get mad skillz There are various places where you can learn to safely and confidently handle your bike. “Visit Cycling Australia to find your local cycling club or contact Aust Cycle to find an accredited cycle training school and teacher in your local area,” suggests Alexandra.

10. You can be the best
Those with a competitive streak can enter cycling comps all year round! Visit BMX Australia for motocross racing competitions and MTBA for mountain bike events. Cycling Australia also features cyclo-cross racings and recreational rides for the more relaxed riders.