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The Bay Has Arrived On 10 Play So Soap Fans Rejoice!

They had us at "featuring Ronn Moss"

Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans, AKA Kayla Brady of Days Of Our Lives fame) is the society queen of Bay City; she also owns half of it.

She’s the daughter of the Mayor, and the granddaughter of Red Garrett, a now dead senator whose years in Bay City are described as a “reign of terror”. And she’s married to Steve Jensen, her rapist. Why is she married to him? Exactly. What the hell does Steve Jensen have over Sara Garrett?

It’s one of many mysteries you’ll be dying to solve when the entire first season of The Bay lands on 10 play come November 1.

A multi-Emmy Award winning web series that premiered back in 2010 when people were just discovering TV could be made specifically for the internet, The Bay is the sudsiest star-studded soap opera – maybe ever.

The police commissioner is played by (Aussie) Tristan Rogers, AKA General Hospital’s Robert Scorpio, Mayor Jack Madison is played by Nicolas Coster, who’s been in everything from One Life To Live to Santa Barbara and All My Children, Lilly Melgar – General Hospital, Martha Madison – Days Of Our Lives, the evil Steven Jensen is played by Matthew Ashford, who’ll forever be Days of our Lives’ Jack Deveraux (Jack and Jennifer forever <3), Charles Shaughnessy (Oh Mr Sheffield) and of course, The Bold and the Beautiful favourite Ronn Moss. (The Ridge everybody wanted to climb. Too much?).

The Bay Charles Shaughnessy

Moss plays John Blackwell, who doesn’t seem to be (but could be) part of Bay City’s circle of high-flying, lying, cheating, blackmailing, scheming, conniving, conspiring, engaged-in-illicit-relations-of-every-kind – political, corporate, sexual – upper echelons. But whose family has been tragically affected by the behaviour of these elites, nonetheless.

The Bay Ron Moss

Now in Antonio-Banderas-in-Desperado-style, Blackwell’s out for revenge. And we’re seriously hoping Moss, who’s a muso in real life, starts walking into bars with a guitar case full of guns. (His look is on point in this – long dark hair, black leather Jacket, palpable rage, not keen on God. He’s very enjoyable to watch).

And why are these elites so messed up? They’re cursed by the spirit of Senator Red Garrett. (Allegedly. Possibly conveniently. But that’s yet to be revealed. One ghost makes an appearance in the first half of season one, here’s hoping Old Red’s will be the second).

Sara’s youngest 21-year-old son, Pete (Kristos Andrews), is having it off with her arch nemesis, Janice, who also happens to be the mother of his ex-girlfriend, Lianna, who seems to be an ex-drug addict and one of the sex workers (maybe? It’s a bit confusing) who are run by Evil Steve Jensen, who told Orchid, his other sex worker to “hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work you go.” And work for her is bringing down his father-in-law, the mayor, which she’s trying very hard to do, because she’s a “naughty, naughty, naughty girl”.

There are some pretty steamy sex scenes. One involves a knife.

The Bay

You could say The Bay is a bit darker than the mind of Sheila Carter and Stefano DiMera combined.

Faces are slapped, punched and smooched. The order is of no consequence.

And everybody’s harbouring so many dirty secrets, it’s a wonder Bay City doesn’t look out over a murky, murky, murky shore.

Binge watch The Bay Season One on 10 play now