Will Sadler Explains The Meaning Behind The Ring He Gave Brooke Blurton

On his last night in the Bachelorette Mansion, Intruder Will gave Brooke a gift.

During the Cocktail Party, Brooke was inundated with romantic gestures from all of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes in their last attempts to score the final single date of the season, which was handed out later that night.

For Intruder Will, that time with Brook was vital, having not been able to secure much one-on-one time with her since entering the mansion several weeks ago.

“I can be kind of a shy, stand back kind of guy around some people,” Will told 10 play, adding, “around most people when I first meet them. That might have stood in the way a little bit for me.”

During the frenzy of gifts and gestures, Will gave Brooke a ring.

“Brooke and I had a conversation that wasn’t shown and she had asked me a lot of questions,” he explained. “I felt like I was answering a lot but I hadn’t asked her very much, so I asked what she was looking for in a partner.”

According to Will, Brooke had told him that she was looking for “a unicorn”, someone so rare that they tick all the boxes.

“I didn’t quite grasp it straight away, but to show I was listening and also a bit of fun, I got her a ring with the outline of a unicorn on it to say, hopefully you find your unicorn,” Will said. “Hopefully your unicorn is one of us, even if it isn’t me.”

Though she appeared to really appreciate the gift, sadly for Will it was not too long until he didn't receive a rose at the Rose Ceremony that night, ending his time in the Mansion.

“She had obviously formed stronger connections. I wouldn’t say I was surprised, there are some seriously strong connections in the house and I’d be lying if I thought that I was up there with them,” Will admitted.

Like many people, Will had first seen Brooke on her original season of The Bachelor Australia and was immediately drawn to her.

“I just thought, a girl that loves sport, very independent, she’s obviously beautiful and just looked like she was very down-to-Earth. I remember thinking to myself, that's probably the only person I would do something like that, for me to put myself out there.”

A few years later when he saw the ad for Brooke’s season, Will had to apply.

“I think if this show is anything, it’s more of an opportunity for Brooke to find the person that she would like to be with and it was just good to be in there and give it a go and put myself out there,” Will said.

“Straight off the bat, I thought things were quite good because we had so many things in common and had a lot of common interests and liked a lot of the same things. It was just hard to go from that to trying to form a stronger connection.

“She’s one of the kindest people you’ll meet, and she was very easy to talk to, and the connection was there I think, but not as strong as some of the others,” Will said.

Though his time in the Mansion seemed to go by in a flash, he was a little unsure if he’d ever return to the world of reality TV dating.

“It was a really good experience and I met some amazing people, so for that reason, I probably would. But I think I would have to check out what it would be…

“Hopefully I find my unicorn in there somewhere.”

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