Who Will Be Sam's Prince Charming?

From far they came to date and woo, or in the case of owl-bearers, twit twoo. 14 Bachelors seeking to win The Bachelorette’s heart, but alas, it only has a permanent place for one. Who will be riding Sam off into the sunset?


He makes a hell of a first impression

Tall of stature and chiseled of jaw, Sasha had Sam’s heart and eyelashes aflutter from the start. “Now we’re talking,” she cooed after he’d gotten his origami on to deliver her the season’s first rose, in a sweet spot of role-reversal. It was to no one’s surprise, then – except perhaps his – that she returned the favour by awarding Sasha a rose of the budding variety.

The Bachelorette

You bet he looks good on the dancefloor

“I don’t know if I look intimidating, or if she likes me?” Sasha mused on the tango date, desperately trying to decode his muse’s inability to look him in the eyes. In truth, Sam was simply trying get her head (and hands) around an open invitation to stroke Sasha’s rippling vest-chest without spontaneously combusting.

He’s a chemistry expert

While possessing no formal seduction qualifications that we know of, it’s quite clear Sasha has a love doctorate. So potent is his chemistry with Sam, in fact, that he’s seemingly able to reduce her to Bachelorette jelly at will and render her incapable of forming complete sentences.

He’s a sensitive soul

Usually when someone orders Jack on a date it comes with glasses and ice. Unless you’re Sasha, then Jack is the crooning buddy you’ve drafted to perform a silky serenade. Also known to capture complex emotions with paint and pencil, sensitive Sasha is simply irresistible.

The Bachelorette

The sky’s his limit

The heart wants what it wants, but when you’re petrified of heights, that isn’t a skydive. Yet green-gilled Sasha still graciously accepted Sam’s counterintuitive gift, joining the mile-high snuggle club as he clung onto her like his life depended on it. Winning further adoration when he raced to her rescue following a post-jump case of the wobbles, Sasha showed what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger.


He cuts a dashing figure

Gliding into Sam’s life wearing 50 shades of black, like some stealthy love ninja, Michael’s introduction left Sam weak. Her eyes grew moony, her knees knocked, and she left their charged tête-à-tête with a clear romantic vision: “I can only imagine he’s got a bangin’ body.”

The Bachelorette Episode 3

He works well with animals...

Confirming that he does indeed have a bangin’ body, Michael was totally at ease shirtlessly frolicking with the doggies for Sam’s photo shoot. Despite purring directions, her puppy love was obvious as she gave Michael the one-on-one time treat they'd all been chasing.

And children

Michael’s hidden depths and fatherly credentials were perfectly displayed during the birthday party date, when he delighted Sam and several pint-sized listeners by conceiving the best children’s story ever to feature a friendly dragon called Osher. Daddy material? For certain. Sam’s prince? We’ll see.

He’s a smooth operator

Michael’s ‘Fun Facts’ solution to the accelerated get acquainted period was practical, romantic and a little bit brilliant. How Sam swooned as she realised that beneath his scrumptious exterior, Michael is also rather adorable. That ‘Free Kiss’ card was never going to last long.

The Bachelorette

His home is where her heart is

No hometown date struck a chord with Sam quite like Michael’s. He may have dropped or just plain missed the ball during their soccer game, but it remained an inspired date choice. And with his still besotted parents offering a flash-forward to what married life might be like down the track, don’t be surprised if Sam buys a one-way ticket and jumps aboard the Michael train.