We Love An Undercover Moment On The Bachelorette

This week on the Bachelorette, Becky and Elly brought in some reinforcements to help them on their journey to find love.

Finding love can be complicated. Finding love on national TV in a short time frame is even MORE complicated. It can be tough for the Bachelorettes to weed out the genuine guys from the not-so-genuine ones, so what better way to help them make the right decision than by enlisting the help of the people that know them better than they know themselves – their friends and family.

Aussie country sisters turned Bachelorettes, Elly and Becky, are so excited to find the Johnny Cash to their June Carter. But with so many great guys in the Mansion, their decision is hardly a walk in the park. So, on Thursday night’s episode, they put forward some undercover operatives to really suss out the competition - enter cousin Mitch and mate Damo.

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Now, this is not the first time friends and fam have gone undercover to help out their loved ones. Back in 2019 (doesn’t that feel like a lifetime ago?!), Angie Kent’s brother Brad took one for the team by pretending to be ‘Mark’, a Bachelor after her own heart. On the first night arrivals, ‘Mark’ blended into the crowd, sussing out the other guys whilst simultaneously trying to convince them he too was interested in Angie (which was both weird AND amazing to watch).

He did manage to uncover a little secret – there were rumours that Mayor Jess was talking smack, and Angie wasn’t having a bar of it. While Jess wasn’t sent packing that night, he eventually got kicked out of the Mansion after Angie confronted him about some misogynistic behaviour.

Then there was Sophie Monk’s parents Andrew and Sandi, who went undercover as group date drivers ‘Tommy’ and ‘Gail’. And the buck didn’t stop there, as she also asked her younger sister Lucy to pose as an ‘art analyst’ named Ellen. ‘Ellen’ made all the boys do some made up thing called scribble art, and then sat with each of them to chat through their emotions and thoughts about Sophie. While some of the boys definitely talked a bit too much on the date, there were no obvious red flags.

But the same couldn’t be said for Elly and Becky, who were warned by Mitch to watch out for Pascal, after it was revealed that the other guys didn’t trust him, and that he admitted in the car that he wasn’t a fan of the girls because he reckons they’ve been doing a bit too much kissing and “loyalty is a big thing for him”.

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The girls were livid with Pascal’s comments, and for good reason. According to Elly, the girls and Pascal all signed up for the same experience - to build connections, therefore it’s ridiculous for him to be talking this way about them. Things only heated up further at the Cocktail Party, when Aggi told Becky that Pascal said “could they find hotter chicks?”.


As you can imagine, Pascal was kicked to the curb.

Love lesson of the day: the Bachelorette Mansion has eyes and ears everywhere, so be respectful at all times and don’t bother trying to fake it. 'Cause you simply won’t make it!

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