Two Bachelorette Favourites Leave The Experience After An Emotional Hometown Week

Like most hometown visits that have passed, there were laughs, tears and a few raised eyebrows over the whole Bachelorette experience, including the girls’ true intentions for appearing on the show.

Much like The Bachelor hometown visits, things were a little different this year due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions. For NSW boys Shannon and Joe, they were lucky enough to have members of their immediate family meet the girls in the flesh. Adrian’s little brother Tristan was in Sydney and was able to meet Becky, however other members of his family settled in for a Zoom chat. Adam, Frazer and Pete’s families and friends also had to make do with virtual meetings.

Joe’s Brother, Jake

Jake was very concerned that his brother Joe hadn’t been on a single date with Elly thus far. He didn’t buy Elly’s reasoning to choose other guys over Joe because of their known dating history and needing to get to know the others more.

During their one-on-one chat, Jake questioned what was so appealing for Elly to come “on a show like this twice within twelve months”, and then straight out asked her if (Joe) was going to win. His questions caused an overwhelmed Elly to break down in tears, revealing that she’s found herself in a position where she has feelings for multiple people at once, and is still unsure of what her decision will be.

Frazer’s Mum, Lorraine

Frazer was quick to warn Elly about his old school, traditionalist mother Lorraine.

Lorraine certainly didn’t hold back from sharing her views about the “unusual” and “bizarre” concept of meeting someone on a dating show. She also questioned Elly’s integrity, asking if she “sees these programs as a pathway to more opportunities on TV” or is she was “really here looking for love” Ouch!

To make the situation even more uncomfortable, Lorraine made it very clear that she did not want Frazer to relocate to NSW. This declaration put Elly in a difficult spot as she too doesn’t want to move away from her family, but for a relationship with Frazer to work, it seems non-negotiable that she moves to Brisbane.

Adrian’s Brother, Jaden

Adrian’s big bro Jaden started his one-on-one conversation with Becky by saying, “I’m gonna grill ya, I’ll warn ya”. Which is NOT what you wanna hear when meeting a partner’s family!

Jaden admitted to Becky that he’d done a bit of social media stalking and learnt that she had dumped her ex-boyfriend to appear on the show. Becky did admit that there was a bit of truth to the rumour; she had broken up with someone who she had been dating casually but only because he wasn’t her person, and she was ready to meet someone that she could have a more serious relationship with.

Shannon’s Family

Shannon’s family couldn’t have been happier seeing the connection between him and Becky and were quick to say that they already looked like a couple.

Seeing you guys walk in, you just look so good together!

Shannon’s brother Duane told Becky that he could tell Shannon had very strong feelings for her, which was why it was incredibly heartbreaking to hear Becky admit to Duane and his wife that she was “trying to get there with him”, regarding her own feelings.

After realising her feelings were stronger for the other guys, Becky decided that she wasn’t going to put Shannon through a Rose Ceremony and instead ended things with him that day so he could process everything with the support of his family. And Shannon was the perfect gentlemen, comforting her and making sure she was ok. It was a real tear-jerker!

And, while Adam's family visit ran pretty smoothly, Elly had some concerns about him having never introduced a girl to his family or been in love before. He was sadly sent home at the Rose Ceremony, leaving Joe and Frazer as the final two contenders for her heart.

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