‘There’s No Right Way To Be Gay’: Jessica Debono Opens Up About LGBTQ+ Representation On The Bachelorette

For Intruder Jessica, her time with Brooke may have been short but the impact her time in the mansion had can’t be understated.

On Thursday night Jessica, along with Ryan, did not receive a rose and was sadly sent home despite only being in the house a short while.

Speaking to 10 play after her final Rose Ceremony, Jessica said she was grateful for the opportunity to be part of the historic season.

“I loved being able to show Australia that lesbians come in all different forms. I think what’s important is that there’s no right way to be gay, right? So having affirmative images of lesbian and bisexual women in the mainstream media really helps the validity of queer love.”

Jessica continued, adding, “I know that it’s just the beginning but I think it’s really great to have that kind of diversity on screen.

“I’m really looking forward to what’s to come and seeing more representation of the lesbian community. I’m hoping to see my butch friends or masc girls and non-binary darlings on there.”

Coming into the mansion as one of the intruders, Jessica said she didn’t see it as a disadvantage but she was aware she and her fellow intruders had ruffled a few feathers.

Once the OGs had settled down, Jessica said the vibe in the mansion was actually really great.

“I don’t want to use the standard cliched tropes of bitchiness but there genuinely wasn’t anything! Everyone was really supportive,” she admitted.

“We would have open conversations about our sexuality and share past experiences… it was actually really nice to be around really supportive, queer women in the house.”

Though she made some strong connections with the other people in the mansion, Jessica said that her connection with Brooke was less instantaneous.

“At the end of the day, there were connections that she had established quite early on which is completely fair enough. While I didn’t get too much time with Brooke, I think we both knew we weren’t seeing that connection come as quickly as the others.

“We were both very much on the same page that it was going to be my last [night],” Jessica said.

Since the arrival of the intruders, the cocktail parties have become quite tense, with Carissa walking out of the mansion on Wednesday, and the house abuzz with rumours of Ryan and Jamie-Lee’s flirtatious relationship.

“I do feel sorry for Jamie-Lee and Ryan,” Jessica said. “Jamie-Lee was actually there for the right reasons and she made it known. She was talking about Brooke constantly, and how much she adores her.

“I think it’s a shame because flirtatiousness can really be misconstrued if you’ve got the wrong people around and I think that’s quite subjective.”

While things didn’t work out between her and Brooke, Jessica said after she got used to the weird feeling of watching herself on TV she embraced the whole Bachelorette experience.

“I’ve had so much support and I know that’s such a cliche thing to say but I really have! My family and friends have been a great support network because you have this anxiety leading in.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen! I’ve been pleasantly surprised about how it has been received and what they’ve shown!”

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