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The Bachelorette Mansion Rocked As Four Bachelors Sent Home In One Rose Ceremony

It was a shock to everyone in the house when Osher revealed that four Bachelors would be heading home on Wednesday night.

Sadly, it meant we were saying goodbye to Andrew Thomas, Saj Bakhsh, Trent Cray and Rudy El Kholti.

All four Bachelors spoke to 10 play after they had left the Mansion to catch us up on all the goss — and all the DMs they’re waiting to receive.

What made you sign up for The Bachelorette?

Andrew: I’m a tour guide so I haven’t really worked. Obviously I have this dream job where I was travelling around Australia, meeting all these people and having an awesome time and that stopped in November, I lost my first touring job due to the fires.

Then in March the whole tourism industry just shut down so, a couple of months before coming into this experience, I was trying to figure out who I was, what I’m doing with my life and I’m still single. This popped up so it was like wow, what an amazing opportunity to not only have a really cool experience but maybe to fond someone in a pretty s****y year. Maybe that’s something positive to take out of this whole year!

Rudy: I believe it’s a very good opportunity because you know that the girl that goes on the show is there for the right reasons. Sometimes when you go out you never know where a girl starts but if I’m looking for love and the girl is looking for love, you’re on the same page.

At my age — I’ll be 31 next month — I think it was the right time for me.

Trent: Normally I’m travelling quite a bit, doing exciting things anyway but COVID came around and I was a little bit bored. Bachelorette came up, I was single and I’m always looking at different avenues to meet someone so it just worked.

Saj: You know how people say you’ve got to find the right one? I thought this was an opportunity to find the right one. The right person could be on a show, so I’m not going to deny the opportunity to be on the show!

What did you think when you arrived and saw two Bachelorettes?

Andrew: I was nervous already so when there were two [Bachelorettes] it was almost like too much! Honestly, I have no memory, apart from going in for a group hug, of those five minutes.

Rudy: That was shocking, I could not understand what was happening, I was just walking and smiling and not understanding why there were two girls… I realised straight away they were looking for different guys, obviously, and that was going to make it interesting because you have two people available for chats when usually there’s only one.

Trent: That moment, in general, was probably one of the most nerve-racking. I’ve been in some crazy situations but that was another level of nerves, excitement and adrenaline. And that was me preparing for one [Bachelorette].

When I got out and saw two, it just really threw me, to be honest. I had a game plan in my head and seeing two just three me. I had to wing it!

Saj: I was a bit shook. When I saw them I was like… there’s two? Okay, something’s going on. One’s a presenter or something, something is surely going on!

How were you feeling at your final Cocktail Party?

Andrew: I was on a bit of a high, I went on the group date and was feeling really positive and good about that. I was still feeling unsure about my connection with the girls… I think I knew I was going to try to open up. A lot of guys had opened up and I wanted to say I was there to find someone, but I think I was a little bit too late in having that conversation.

Watching things back… I was still talking to the girls like, ‘So what are your hobbies?’ And there are people that have already had kisses and are talking about their five-year plans. Maybe I just didn’t open up as early as maybe what I should have.

Rudy: I was feeling very positive, to be honest. We just came from the group date where I gave my best. I went for a chat with Elly and I put all my cards on the table, I didn’t leave anything behind. But at the end of the day, it’s their journey, they’re looking for love and they have to see who they have connections with.

Trent: I had a chat with Becky, I let it all out. I just told her everything. I don’t know if that was the right thing to do but, at the end of the day, maybe she didn’t feel it with me. I just had to let it all out because I didn’t feel like I was one of the frontrunners.

I showed my vulnerable side, I told [Becky] I was interested in her, I told her what I was looking for, I told her exactly who I am. I was very vulnerable and very honest as well.

Saj: I felt very nervous but I said what I had to say [to Elly]. I was happy, satisfied, I said everything I needed to say and if anything went on, I would have accepted it.

What did you think when you heard four Bachelors would be heading home?

Andrew: I definitely thought I was 100 percent one of the four guys. I was pretty sure.

Up until that point I had spoken to Elly once, and we had a nice chat — I think I lost the thumb war or something — it was good but she had obviously made connections with a few other guys so I kind of was like, yeah I think I could be one of those four. It did make me a bit upset because I did want to stay longer.

Rudy: That was a big shock. But honestly, even when I found out four guys were going to leave I didn’t think I was going to be one of them. It was a shock for everyone!

Trent: I had a sense it was coming but, when they said there were four going home, I was like… if I get through it would have been a little bit of luck on my side. I wasn’t too surprised [to not receive a rose].

Saj: There was a lot of tension going on. Four guys is massive! I told Elly, so far we had little small chats and ideally catching up with more, a group date or single date would be awesome to get to know her a little bit more. I put it out there, I said if you want to get to know me, you can let me know at the rose ceremony tonight. So it was obvious she didn’t feel that connection, you know?

Is this something you’d do again?

Andrew: I definitely wouldn’t rule out doing something like this again. Obviously I’m still single! I haven’t got ANY DMs yet. I’m a little bit concerned like, do you have to post anything? Not that that’s the only thing I want, but I was like, is something wrong here? Does no one like Attenborough? The planet is in trouble! It’s very topical at the moment.

Sir David can slide into my DMs any time. I will be single for life and just dedicate myself to saving the planet. I’ll be happy with that.

Rudy: It was a very positive experience. I believe that I could have had a bit more of a chance to demonstrate who I am and what I’m about to the girls but it’s their journey. Maybe they didn’t feel a connection with me as they did with other guys, but I definitely would do it again.

Trent: I loved every part of it, the lead-up to it, during filming and afterwards as well. Even now. Overall it has been absolutely awesome and I’d definitely do it again.

Saj: Yeah I really loved the experience. I would definitely do something like this again. The search continues to find a partner. I can’t deny opportunities, and that person could be somewhere else. It doesn’t have to be on a show, it might be on a show but it doesn’t have to be!

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