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Sam Vescio Had A Plan If He Made It To Hometowns, But Things Didn’t Go His Way

Our favourite ventriloquist was vocal about needing more time with Becky Miles before he could introduce her to his family, but it wasn’t a complete dealbreaker.

With Hometowns on the horizon, Sam explained to 10 play that missing out on the final single date wasn’t the dealbreaker he initially thought.

Though Sam managed to score himself some one-on-one time with Becky after a group date and a mini-date at the Bachelorette Mansion, he never managed to snag a full single date, leading him to believe he needed more time with the Bachelorette before introducing her to his family.

“I come from a really traditional Italian family and, to me, to bring a woman home is very serious,” Sam said. “At that point in time… I really felt that I needed to just spend that final time with her before getting to Hometowns.”

But when the final single date of the season went to Adrian instead of Sam, the lawyer says he still had a plan.

“How I was feeling at the time, I probably would have introduced her to my friends and gone from there and, hopefully, there would be a chance to spend more time with her and introduce Becky to my family at a later time,” Sam explained.

“I had this discussion with Becky and she thought we weren’t going to get that time, which is why she decided to let me go. She didn’t feel comfortable meeting my family if I didn’t feel comfortable with it.”

Up until that point, Sam had felt like he had the positive reassurance from both Becky and Elly that he was on the right track with the Bachelorette.

“I had a few discussions with Elly and she was really happy that I was connecting with her sister and was telling me that she could already see me being part of the family,” Sam said.

“Getting the constant approval from Elly… gave me an indication that things were going well and Becky must be telling Elly that things were going well between us,” he continued.

Though he was hoping to get some time with Becky at the Cocktail Party to discuss where his head was at, there was a twist waiting for the Bachelors in the form of a surprise ‘last supper’.

Rather than a traditional Cocktail Party, both Elly and Becky were joined by the remaining Bachelors for a sit-down dinner featuring some pointed questions submitted anonymously.

“There were different questions in there and I guess part as part of that it did arise where my head was at and how I was feeling,” Sam said, “so I kind of had that discussion with Becky… but it was in that open forum of the dinner table.”

Heading into the Rose Ceremony, Sam said he didn’t feel overly confident, especially after he had been looked over for the final single date.

“Her choosing Adrian was a clear indication to me that I was probably not going to get a rose at that point,” Sam admitted. “I was still hopeful I could introduce her to my friends… but it wasn’t meant to be and, obviously, Becky had stronger connections with other guys so, it is what it is.”

Watching the show as it airs has been a bit difficult for Sam who said watching not only his journey on the show, but now being privy to the other connections that were being made at the time has been tough to see play out.

“Reliving our own connection and our own moments again was a reminder that it was pretty cool, what we had at that point in time, and potentially where it could have gone under different circumstances.

“In saying that,” he continued, “there has been time that has passed and I hope that Becky’s found love with one of the other great guys that are left.”

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