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Rhys' Best Poetry

Smooth talking Rhys is a man of many words. Take a look at some of his best poetic pieces this season

Episode 2 

Lights, cameras, the whole production The night we met was like in seduction Not on your end, you were more than fine If we had no spark the blame was all mine A joke, a smile, a “ba-doom chhh” What we really need is a fun single date I’ll be myself, I won’t compete, like a gentleman Till then I’ll wait

Episode 3 

A beautiful stranger awaits us Angelic in sheer and white Red carpet nerves and hopes abound Its Bachelorette opening night Boys’ confidence, brains and that smile…

The Bachelorette

Episode 6

It’s been a bit tricky, Being poetic and witty, I’ve had to teach the boys how to rhyme.

Such an empty week, Since last we did speak, How I’ve wished for more quality time.

There’s a brand new spark, Somewhere in my heart, Something I’ve not felt in quite a while.

Episode 3 

And to any aspiring poets out there, Rhys has some advice - 

At the end of the line Find a word that rhymes And do it every time