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Our Favourite Geologist Isn’t Ruling Out Returning To The Bachelor Mansion After Hometown Heartbreak

Though things didn’t work out with him and Elly Miles, Adam Todd still trusts the process.

Ever since the dreamy Geologist arrived at The Bachelorette mansion he immediately clicked with Elly. From the very first cocktail party to their single date, the pair seemed to be hitting it off.

“I felt like there was a really, really strong connection there,” Adam told 10 play following his elimination from the mansion.

“But obviously there was Joe and Frazer as well who had strong connections. I was a bit nervous because of that, but I just stayed focused and tried to stay myself.”

Admitting he had never introduced a woman to his family and that he has never been in love, Adam said it was definitely a nerve-racking experience but “it went pretty well”.

Unfortunately things didn’t go his way when, at the Rose Ceremony, Elly handed her final two roses to Frazer and Joe.

“That Rose Ceremony was definitely the most nervous I’ve been,” Adam said. “I could feel my heart beating out of my chest and I knew Elly had a really, really tough choice because she did have a strong connection with Joe and Frazer and I didn’t know how well their home visits had gone.

“I felt like my home visit went pretty well, but she had a tough decision to make and unfortunately I was the one that didn’t get the rose.”

Tearfully, Elly took Adam by the hand and said her goodbyes to him before he got in the limo.

“It was really, really tough… but with me leaving Elly did reassure me. She said that it just wasn’t that strong a connection compared to Joe and Frazer and that I am a great person and I’ll meet somebody someday, be it walking past someone today or five years from now, I’ll find someone and make them happy. That was really reassuring at that moment. It was a silver lining, but I was definitely very sad.”

Emerging as a fan-favourite early on in the season many questioned how a man like Adam was even single in the first place.

“I’ve always been travelling and I’ve never really settled in one spot,” Adam explained. “I felt like I didn’t want to commit to someone as of yet but then this year started, I matured a bit and realised that’s something that I really wanted so I wanted to take that next step and finally fall in love with someone.”

Having watched the series with his mum before, Adam also admitted that she had told him on multiple occasions that he’d “go well” on the show, which made his decision to apply even easier.

Describing himself as “still very single”, Adam said if he were approached to step into the role of Bachelor, he wouldn’t turn it down.

“I came into The Bachelorette not knowing what to expect and having questions over if I could really fall in love on a show like this.

“I really believe in the process now and, if I did get approached to be The Bachelor, I would definitely welcome it. If Australia wanted to see me fall in love for the first time, yeah I would definitely do it.

“Hopefully, I’d come out of the other end at that final Rose Ceremony and say I love someone! That would be interesting."

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