One Bachelor Gets Rejected In His Hotel Room, And Everything Else That Happened During The Bachelorette Finale

After a truly unique and unforgettable experience, sisters and besties Elly and Becky Miles chose the men of their dreams.

But before our Bachelorettes could declare their love, they each enjoyed a memorable date with their final two guys.


Becky and Joe kicked off their day with a river boat ride followed by paddle boarding, and by the end of their date Joe decided to share his feelings. He told Elly that every time he pictured his future, he saw her in it. He also said that he made a mistake of not “putting anything out there”, not telling her enough and not letting her in when they dated previously. He finally admitted that he was falling in love with her and it was all so sweet and made us fall in love with him even more!

Becky’s date with Adrian also had us in our feels. The chemistry between them was electrifying, and they certainly had fun in the mud bath! Yet, while Becky couldn’t deny the passion between them, she was worried if the chemistry was “enough for a relationship”.

These same thoughts didn’t seem to bother Adrian. He was feeling so positive about their connection and eventually told Becky he was falling in love with her.

Love for me is such a special, special thing, and I just know that… you know, to fall in love with someone, it comes with time. But I can honestly say, Becky, that I am falling in love with you.

Unfortunately for Becky, her chat with Pete didn’t quite end with the same type of declarations. While on their picnic date, Becky told Pete that she wasn’t even sure if he liked her and was scared that he was holding back a little bit.

Pete admitted that he was a little bit guarded, and has noticed a habit that when he gets to a stage where he does like someone, he finds a reason to make it not work because he doesn’t want to be hurt again. Becky flat out asked him if he was ready, to which he replied with a slightly unconvincing ‘yeah… like, why not? I don’t know…  I don’t know if I’ll ever know if I’m ready or not, to be honest, like in all honesty.”

It was NOT what Becky wanted to hear so close to the end of her experience.

“I really have strong feelings for this guy, but I don’t know if he's ready for this. I don’t know if he's ready for what I want and what I’m looking for”.

But after a long battle between her head and her heart, Becky took a big risk by choosing Pete, even after being so unsure of his readiness to be in a long-term relationship. Adrian was undeniably upset at her choice, saying he "wasn't expecting that", but that (Becky) has to trust her gut instinct.

It’s no secret that Elly is totally smitten with Frazer, and their country-inspired date was all kinds of romantic. However, the topic of distance and moving states came up; Elly said that while she doesn’t want to do long distance, she’d be open to moving to QLD.

It would be a huge sacrifice for me. If it were to be us at the end together there would a lot to work out but I guess for me, I want that reassurance as well that you’d want to give it a real crack.

Frazer put all of Elly’s worries aside, telling her that he’s very happy with her and every time he’s with her, he doesn’t want to leave.

With her final two guys both so open and transparent about their feelings, Elly found herself in a difficult situation. While she openly declared that she could definitely see herself falling in love with Frazer, she also said that Joe is "an excellent man" for her.

After hours of agonising over her decision, Elly chose to follow her heart - she was willing to sacrifice leaving her family and friends to be with Frazer. She didn't want to waste Joe's time any longer and, in a heartbreaking scene, she decided to end things with him in his hotel room.

It made me so happy to hear you say you loved me, but I don't think I felt how I was meant to feel.


Our hearts broke for both Joe and Adrian, who walked away with a lot of love in their hearts but no girl by their side. However, we're super excited for Becky and Pete, and Elly and Frazer to begin their lives together!

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