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Nick Chamberlain And Samuel Minkin The First Bachelors To Leave The Mansion

It's never easy to be the first to leave the Mansion, and sadly for Nick and Samuel, their time with The Bachelorettes was cut short after the first Rose Ceremony.

Though we didn't get a lot of time to meet the boys on the show, we caught up with them to find out a bit more about them and their time with Becky and Elly.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Nick: I’m a support worker, I work with kids with disabilities, but I’ve only been doing that for about six or seven months. Basically, since COVID hit. I was a personal trainer before that for a few years and I still do a bit of personal training on the side.

I started applying before COVID hit and as the gym shut I got offered a position at the company I’m with now.

Samuel: I’m a Musculoskeletal Therapist so I’m working with patients with complex conditions, particularly like nerve conditions, neurodegenerative disorders and I’m doing some pretty new stuff - electroneedling, lasering people’s brains. I’m also one of four people in Australia doing Vagus nerve stimulation, it’s a non-invasive way of treating people with anxiety and depression.

What I’ve done is brought that clinical treatment into a classroom setting so I’ve created a new class called Supercharged Meditation. It’s a clinical treatment for anxiety and depression but it just looks like a meditation class.

What made you want to sign up for The Bachelorette?

Nick: I applied last year and I made it through to the group auditions in the city. I’ve watched the show for the last few years and I’ve always really liked it. I feel like I have a personality that could go quite well on those shows and I really wanted to find someone as well. The fact that we didn’t know who the girls were going to be, I didn’t mind because it left me quite open-minded.

As soon as I found out it was Elly I was quite happy because she was one of the girls I was asking for.

Samuel: I moved down to Bondi from Queensland and I was setting up my practice. When I was in Brisbane I had my own Musculoskeletal therapy clinic. I moved it down [to NSW], building it up I had been quite busy and it’s a bit different to Queensland. I wasn’t really going on dates, I didn’t have any dating profiles or doing anything.

I’m at the point where I’m really good at what I do, successful with my career, I like who I am as a person, I know what I like and I know what I don’t like and I would like to start a family. I think it would be great to find someone to have a family and just pursue something. I almost felt like I couldn’t remember how to go on dates and I felt like what a great opportunity to throw myself into the deep end!

What was your first impression when you saw two Bachelorettes on the red carpet?

Nick: I don’t think anyone expected it. It stuffed up a few of our red carpet arrivals! It was a bit of a surprise because. I had no idea they were sisters until they said something, I was too nervous at the time.

Samuel: Well it definitely threw me off, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I wasn’t sure if they were best friends or something like that. Once they told me they were sisters I thought what a great idea. I loved how close they were. Clearly, the two sisters have such a good relationship. I thought it would be quite fun!

Did you get to spend much time with the Bachelorettes at the Cocktail Party?

Nick: I had a really good chat with Elly, I chatted to Elly first because I really wanted to chat to her. We spoke for maybe about 15 minutes and it was really good, it felt like we had a really good connection. It seemed like she was really interested in what I do, we had a lot of things in common.

Samuel: I managed to get some alone time with Elly. The way us fellas were doing it was being polite to one another and taking turns, we had a little timer and were timing people. I didn’t get a chance to speak to Becky but it would have been really nice, by the sounds of it, a lot of the fellas were telling me how much of a great person she was.

How were you feeling heading into the Rose Ceremony?

Nick: I was so surprised at the first Rose Ceremony that I didn’t get a rose. I was dumbfounded by it… It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was confident, I was pretty confident. There are stand-outs from the start and all the guys realise who were the standouts and then I thought I was middle of the road. I was definitely confident about staying a lot longer than I did.

Samuel: It was a bit of a disappointment to not have the opportunity to actually show either of the girls who I am. I’m a very unique person. I’m fun-loving, highly intelligent, and also caring.

It would have been really nice for me to be able to display those qualities and also get a deeper connection with the girls. If I had made it to one group date? All the way to the end. Boom. I’ve got a sick personality, I reckon I would have had a good opportunity to go further if I had an opportunity to really bounce off the girls as well.

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