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‘My Heart Dropped’: Becky Miles’ Runner-Up Describes The Moment He Realised He Wasn’t Her Winner

Describing himself as the dark horse of the competition, one Bachelor defied the odds in the race to win Becky’s heart, but unfortunately it wasn’t his to win.

Speaking to 10 play following the emotional finale, Adrian Baena said he couldn’t have felt more confident, not just walking up to Becky at the Final Ceremony but throughout the entire season.

“I was confident the whole way,” Adrian said, “I was pretty confident that I was going to get a rose every Ceremony, but especially that last one.

“From my Hometown until the end, until that very last moment I thought I had it. I thought she’s mine, I’ve got this.”

Adrian said that when he and Becky were together, “there was no one else around, it was just me and her. It was so easy and so natural we forgot the cameras were there half the time”.

“I really thought that she was going to pick me in the end.”

As Becky fought back tears, she spoke to Adrian about their journey together.

“You have such an amazing energy and I know you’re a genuine bloke, you’re amazing… I think I’d be very lucky to have a future with you,” she said.

“I’ve been battling my head and my heart with this, you ignite something in me that I really want. But at the same time, I think my gut’s telling me to go with someone else,” she said in tears.

Adrian said he was so nervous the entire time, but as soon as Becky paused after saying such kind things about him, he knew how the cards would fall.

“Her hands started shaking,” Adrian said. “I was holding her hands, as they started shaking… my heart dropped.”

Throughout the season, Adrian was a surprise to many viewers as he and Becky continued to forge a strong connection — one he said was made on the very first night.

“We found common ground because I used to be in the army and she used to work for Defence. That’s how it just progressed,” he explained.

Later, he was shown telling Becky that he didn’t want to always have ‘serious’ conversations about their future together. But Adrian explained that took place after the pair had already had several deeper conversations together.

“It’s not like I was sitting there, first conversation like, ‘I don’t want to talk serious blah blah blah’, we had already connected really well… but that was me learning she needed that from me,” he said.

“I was the dark horse,” Adrian continued, “people forget I was the only one who was younger than Becky going for her. I was competing with like 30-35-year-old lawyers and businessmen. I was 26.

“I was constantly having to try and put my best foot forward, but saying that the connection between me and Becky was something pretty special. It was just super natural.”

Though things didn’t work out between the pair, Adrian said he’s taken the positives out of watching his journey on the season.

“It was nice to reassure myself that we had such a good connection, and you can see that on the TV,” he said.

“Nothing will ever change the feelings we had for each other and that whole experience. Our time together was beautiful.”

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