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Love Song Dedications

Love makes the heart sing. Not content to woo Bachelorette Sam with words alone, these terrific troubadours turned convention on its head by transforming their words into song.

The Bachelorette Australia

Will's song for Sam, episode 1

Loveable musician and self-confessed "oddball" Will may have departed the mansion, but his legacy lives on in song. The guitar-toting troubadour was prepared to throw caution to the wind from the get-go, saying of his time on the show, "I'm only here once. YOLO." And YOLO he did. After revealing he'd written a "little ditty" dedicated to Ms. Frost at their first meeting, his muse dutifully sought him out for a private serenade. Featuring whimsical references to pixies and (male) fairy tale characters, the acoustic ballad concludes with a sweet invite for a casual beverage. It's appropriately quirky and altogether the "musical masterpiece" Will promised it would be. Here are the lyrics - complete with guitar chords - so you can sing along at home:

(A) Sam you're better looking than (F#m) Peter Pan. With your smile and your (Bm) pixie ears, You're so attractive it (Esus4) brings me to (E) tears Oh (D) oh won't you join me (A) Sam? Oh (D) oh won't you join me (A) Sam? Oh won't you join me (F#m) Saaa(E)aaam For a couple of (A) beers.

The Bachelorette Australia

Kayne's red hot rap, episode 3

Currently still in the running to secure Sam's heart is mining sparkie Kayne. Affectionately know amongst his Bachelor peers as "Kanye," his similarities with the iconic American rapper extend beyond their almost-identical moniker. The West Australian first hinted at his word-play skills when he gifted Sam an appropriately named ice lolly. Kayne then followed up this Sam Frost/Frosty Fruit success with something far more daring. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a rap. Fusing street beats and mellow yogic vibes, Kayne's rhyme had Sam bopping along and scored him a rose. Embrace your inner Kayne/Kanye now:

Yo, yo, yo check it Way back at the start of the year through the hard times, tear after tear I saw an ad for The Bachelorette season one So I jumped online and filled the forms, it had begun.

Now here I am, which I never thought way back when But look at me now, sitting in front of a perfect ten I'm very grateful for the roses and my group dates I have more to offer, so I'll grab the wine and you grab the plates.

I'll give you the hot tip When I first saw you, you made me bite my bottom lip Happiness is on the top, I must say Treating people with respect, everyone equal, that's my life. Namaste.