‘I Was Still On The Starting Blocks’: Kurt Herzog Leaves The Bachelorette Mansion With The All Of Our Hearts

Kurt revealed why he believed he didn’t make it to hometowns, and the one thing he’d change if he had his time again.

On Thursday night, hearts around the country broke as Kurt didn’t receive a rose and was sent packing. Farewelling Brooke with a “See ya soon.. or maybe? Catch up for a coffee or something? Talk to you later… oh, maybe,” Kurt continued to exemplify what many online described as “Golden Retriever energy”.

Speaking to 10 play after he was sent home, Kurt admitted that having not seen many seasons of the show in the past he was surprised at how little time he got with Brooke.

Of the remaining Bachelors and Bachelorettes, Kurt was the only one to have never had a single date, while others had already had their second.

“Every day I was in there I was hoping to be the next one to be called out,” he told 10 play. “It never happened. It was a bit frustrating.”

Though he didn’t get a single date Kurt did get two date extensions after group dates where he and Brooke got a little bit of one-on-one time.

“It would have been cool to do stuff away from sitting down on a couch, to be honest,” he said, laughing. “I still got to know Brooke and she’s an amazing girl and she picked people for single dates that she had a stronger connection with, and it’s her show so I can’t blame her for wanting to do that.

“I just didn’t get the time. Everyone else in the house got a single date and I think I needed that time, to share an experience with her and get to know her more because I was quite nervous in front of the camera,” Kurt continued.

“I’m a bit of an overthinker and a perfectionist so, when I’m in that sort of environment my mind is going a million miles an hour.”

During the final group date, Brooke sat in front of everyone and asked them to paint how they saw her. As the paintings were revealed Kurt realised just how far behind he was from the others.

“Everyone’s paintings for Brooke talked really specifically about their connection they had formed over the period of time and I don’t really feel like Brooke and I were on that same level,” he admitted. “My painting was more about the person who she was and why I was drawn to her still.

“I kind of felt like I was still on the starting blocks and everyone else was really deep,” Kurt added. Heading into what would be his final Rose Ceremony he still had his superstitions he would do to try and extend his time in the mansion, “But I knew it wasn’t meant to be”.

It wasn’t a shock to Kurt, who said he started to believe his connection with Brooke had moved into more of a friendship territory, something he was wasn’t upset with whatsoever.

“That’s why I was like, ‘Don’t be a stranger’, it would be awesome to catch up after this experience with whoever she ends up with,” Kurt said.

Watching the episodes back, Kurt said he had been shocked by one major revelation.

“I didn’t realise I talked in a monotone voice so much… and my f**kin’ forehead doesn’t move at all when I talk! I’m messaging my mates like, do I really talk like this?! I look like a robot,” he said, laughing.

“I wish someone told me to be a bit more animated, maybe move the forehead a little bit, maybe raise my eyebrows…”

Knowing what he knows now (to move his eyebrows), Kurt said he wasn’t ruling out returning to the world of reality TV dating if the opportunity presented itself.

“I’ve always taken every single opportunity that’s come my way and it’s always worked out for the better, so I think if I do get offered something I’d have to take it.

“I met some people, like Konrad, on the show. We’re really close now and I have a feeling we’re going to be good friends for life. When you meet people like that, it makes it all worth it.”

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