‘I Was Honestly Just Surprised’: Bec Pressing Reveals Why She Was Shocked To Be Sent Home

On Thursday night the Bachelorette Mansion was rocked with the arrival of four new intruders.

With the intruders came the harsh reality that four people would be leaving later that very same night. Unfortunately for Bec, along with Jess, Matt and Emily, she didn’t receive a rose and ended her time in the Mansion much to her surprise.

Speaking to 10 play, Bec explained that the Cocktail Party before the intruders arrived, she and Brooke had connected.

“I sponsored an elephant in her name for a year at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand that I volunteered at a lot pre-pandemic,” Bec said, adding, “that was actually the last conversation I had with her and it was a great conversation!

“It was obviously sharing something really important to me, and she shared a similar story of her volunteering at a place that sounded very similar,” Bec continued. “And then I didn’t have a conversation with her after that, really. And she sent me home! So I don’t have an explanation in that regard.”

Following that conversation Bec said she was feeling confident about her place in the Mansion, feeling like the pair had connected over something important to both of them.

“I don’t really understand what happened,” she said, adding, “don’t get me wrong, not everyone is right for everyone.”

When the Cocktail Party paused for the arrival of four intruders, Bec said she was obviously surprised but, at the same time, had been expecting the unexpected at every turn.

“You know that something’s going to happen to put a spanner in the works. So at the same time it was not completely unexpected,” she said.

In doing some quick math, Bec realised that with the introduction of a handful of new folks to the Mansion, there’d obviously have to be an equally big exodus that evening to even things out.

“Otherwise you’ve got way too many people to get rid of in a short amount of time,” she added.

Confidence aside, when it came time for the Rose Ceremony, Bec said she felt like she did at any other.

“My attitude throughout was like, I’m f**ked. I’m going home” she said, laughing. “Like, sh*.t I was honestly just surprised, but I’m also very stoic under pressure so everyone was getting upset and I was deadpan.”

Applying for the series to “be part of something new and different that hadn’t been seen before”, Bec said she was thrilled at the idea of being involved in the season.

“Like, the representation of an Indigenous woman on TV and the representation of the LGBRTQ+ community as well, I think that was so crucial and important to be a part of that, and experiencing something like that was not anything I could say no to.”

Though things between her and Brooke didn’t work out, Bec said she found something even greater in the Mansion.

“Honestly, the girls on the show were everything. Like, if I didn’t come out with them I probably would have been like, ‘this wasn’t worth it’, but I can’t imagine my life without them now.

“They’re just completely intertwined in everything that I do. I talk to them every day and I’m so grateful for that.”

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