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‘I Thought She Was Giving Me A Rose’: Shannon Karaka’s Shock End To The Bachelorette

In one of the most shocking farewells yet, Shannon Karaka’s hometown visit was cut short and his time on the show ended.

Initially, Shannon and Becky seemed to have made a strong connection, putting him at the front of the pack early in the season.

“[The] first time I spoke with her we shared a really special moment,” Shannon told 10 play. “It was one of those things where I haven’t had a moment like that with many women throughout my life, the ones that I have… I ended up in longterm relationships with.

“So when we first spoke, we had that first moment — the first date — it was one of the best dates I’ve ever been on, hand on heart. If it was the real world I think we would have just continued as a couple from that point,” he said.

But this isn’t the real world, and Shannon was competing against a handful of other Bachelors to win Becky’s heart.

“You’ve got to compete and stay top-of-mind,” Shannon continued, admitting that the time between his dates with Becky was so long that she had time to forge other connections with some of the other Bachelors in the house.

“I felt a little bit forgotten or like our connection had fizzled a little bit because of the length of time between our first and second date,” he said. “I was trying to do things to stand out and change it back.”

But all that changed when it came to hometowns and suddenly Shannon felt like he had regained his position as a frontrunner.

“I was across that she had developed strong relationships with Pete and Adrian however, when we went into the hometown, it was going so well that I thought I had read the whole situation wrong.

“It was going a lot better than I was expecting, I thought maybe I was coming third behind Adrian and Pete at that point but, just the day itself and the way it was going I thought I had read everything wrong. This is how it felt when we had that first country rose date… but it didn’t eventuate like that.”

During a conversation with his family, Becky began to realise that she didn’t reciprocate Shannon’s feelings, and felt like taking him back to the mansion for the rose ceremony was cruel, so she asked if she could take him aside for a private chat.

“I thought she was taking me out to give me a rose. Seriously,” he said.

“It is what it is,” Shannon continued, “she was being honest with me and I appreciate and respect that.”

Though she was breaking up with him, an emotional Becky was comforted by Shannon who explained that his close friendship with another Bachelor made it easy for him to understand what Becky was going through.

“I already knew where she was at with some of the other guys because we would speak openly about it behind closed doors,” he said.

“It was a bit of— not a bro code but mutual respect between each other and it’s almost like if your friend was falling in love with someone in front of you, you can’t help but let it happen even though you’re trying to pursue the same person and you’ve got feelings for her as well.

“I saw her develop a strong connection, specifically with Adrian because he and I were quite close in the mansion. I noticed her shift towards him throughout the experience and… I just noticed they had really strong chemistry,” Shannon said.

“Just some of the things Adrian would say to me about Becky in the mansion, I couldn’t help but feel like I should almost take a backward step.”

Despite the shock end to his time in the mansion, Shannon said the experience taught him a lot about himself.

“It made me reflect on past relationships, what I feel like I’m looking for in a partner now, and what’s required to find love. If you want to have a family you’ve got to be a certain person to find it.”

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