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‘I Let My Emotions Get The Better Of Me’: James Boggia Reveals What Happened At The Last Supper

Though the pro wakeboarder seemed to have a strong connection with Elly, everything came unstuck just before Hometowns.

During the Cocktail Party, the remaining Bachelors were surprised with a ‘last supper’ featuring questions submitted anonymously.

At one stage Becky was asked who is Elly’s type from the remaining boys. Looking around the table she listed qualities she saw in Frazer, Joe, and Adam but seemed to look over James.

Later, another question regarding Elly’s history with Joe and the mysterious ‘weekend away’ was also posed. Once again Joe skirted around revealing anything too specific which seemed to infuriate James even further.

As James became visibly frustrated, Elly remarked to the camera that his attitude had begun to make her and Becky feel uncomfortable.

“I think everything just built up, to be honest,” James told 10 play.

“Being in a house with 20 guys, trying to date the same chick, you kind of need to get out of your own head and, I guess, the stuff that keeps getting brought up… it gets hard. That’s when, sometimes, I’d get a bit angry but I’d try to take myself away from the situation.”

Much like the Halloween party earlier in the season, the last supper wrapped up with James excusing himself in a hurry.

“It’s not just the Joe and Elly stuff,” James assured us. “All these guys were trying to go for the same girl and that doesn’t happen in the outside world.

“Not to mention I gained massive friendships with the boys… so it just turned it all on its head. On the outside, if you were chilling with your best mate and all of a sudden you’re going on dates with the same girl — it messes things up in your head, and I guess it did that to me.

“Normally you don’t have friends going for the same girl,” James continued, “and I guess that was an experience I’ve never had to deal with… I let my emotions get the better of me and it shouldn’t have happened but it did and I can’t take it back. It’s just a learning curve and, hopefully, I can learn from it, grow, change, adapt, and come back stronger.”

Heading into the Rose Ceremony James said he wasn’t feeling overly confident that he’d be remaining in the competition after the dinner.

“Rose Ceremonies on their own are a hard thing to deal with, let alone one where I know I’ve spat the dummy and I could have [handled] it a lot better… going into it was pretty hard for me but it is what it is,” James said. “All I can do is keep my chin up and work harder and try to be better for next time.”

James explained that he had originally applied for the show as he had come to a point in his life where relationships were the one thing missing for him.

“I had been selfish with wakeboarding and focusing on myself, so I guess it was time to get that next thing in life and that’s finding a loved one, settling down and having a family.”

Through the competition James opened up to Elly, penning a note explaining how his feelings had grown since seeing her on the red carpet a few weeks prior. Watching his journey back as it airs, James said it has been difficult but ultimately he wished the best for Elly, Becky and the Bachelors they pick at the end.

“Unfortunately it wasn’t my day to find the girl I was looking for, but I got to take the positives out of everything. I found great friendships and had a great time,” he said.

“I just wish the best for the person who gets those girls’ hearts, and there are great guys there. I’m happy for them and I can’t wait to see who it is,” James said. “I’m sure we’ll be having beers and celebrating that these guys and girls got to find love!”

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